T&B Liquidtight Systems®:
Complete solutions for flexible metallic and non-metallic protection

No matter your needs, no matter where in the world you are, we have the cable protection products up to the task.

New Products and Solutions

Reliable System Solutions

Ingress, Temperature & Corrosion Ratings


Gland Nut
Umbrella design eliminates liquid pooling

Safe Edge Ground Cone
Provides superior strength and bonding

Sealing Gasket

Stainless steel 316 ring filled with thermoplastic elastomer

Seal Ring
Double-beveled design that’s reversible for easy installation

Fitting Body
Deep drawn body with highest quality plating treatments and plenty of threads for a secure connection

Case hardened, tiger-tooth design

Liquidtight Fittings, the heart of T&B Liquidtight Systems®


to consistently perform and protect

T&B Liquidtight Systems products provide a liquidtight seal you can depend on by controlling the conduit’s outer diameter and the fitting seal ring’s inner diameter.

Third Party Tested

for peak ingress performance

Liquidtight seal validated by third-party testing.

Essential for high pressure washdown applications.

T&B Liquidtight Systems products have been tested together in an effort to provide maintenance cost avoidance and reduced downtime.

Provides superior reliability and performance.

Ensures avoided maintenance, downtime and safety hazards.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage conduits and fittings are made to protect electrical connections where hygiene and sanitation are a top priority.

Wide & Extreme Temperature

Wide & Extreme Temperature conduits and fittings are ideal for ovens, furnaces, foundries, and outdoor environments.

Our new CPS Selection Tool takes all the guesswork out of choosing the best cable protection solutions.

Find the right cable protection solutions for your enclosure as easy as one-two-three.


Select your enclosure type.


Select the enclosure model and the type of cable protection solution you need.


Use the Quick Select Table to view part numbers and TDS links for components that match your enclosures ingress ratings.

Learn more about our CPS Selection Tool and Application Vertical Solutions

Cable Protection Solutions for Industrial Enclosures – CPS Selection Tool

Technical Data Sheet Finder

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*NOTE: Type A Antimicrobial NM Conduits provide no antimicrobial inhibitory activity beyond protection of the conduits themselves. They do not provide protection against specific pathogenic organisms, nor do they prevent growth of bacteria on adjacent or nearby surfaces. The antimicrobial efficacy of the material is designed to last for the life of the Type A antimicrobial NM conduits under normal use conditions.

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